Thursday, April 27, 2006

more discussion questions for my sex class

Pg. 245 “Virginity extending into adulthood constitutes an anomaly within the universe of fecund adults that is divided into men and women. Furthermore, one cannot easily fit adult virgins into another binary pair, that of girl/woman.”

This is an interesting point that the author makes here because it suggests that to be a full woman, one has to have had sex, either in marriage or as a prostitute. Should a woman by either choice or economic strata, remain unmarried and a virgin, then she can be seen as not a full woman, and therefore not a full person. I suppose this came about because for a society to continue and to thrive. Since virginal women cannot contribute to society by having children, it is looked down upon. However, the article discusses the fact that sworn virgins who live their lives as males do contribute to society as males. They can own land; they can head households, and even villages. These sworn virgins are women who have to live their lives as males in order to remain virgins. On the other hand they have to remain virgins in order to live their lives as males. It depends on the person and their reasons for becoming a sworn virgin.

Pg. 247 “Questioned by the doctor about the way he hid the menses, …, in the company of men, he denied having them: ‘I do not have that. At the age of thirteen, for some months, but afterward never.’”

I was intrigued by this, (s)he claimed to never have menses but the article claims that he appeared to be completely healthy. I have heard that menses can stop if the woman gets too much exercise or not enough calories in her diet. If Mikas was fighting a war, as the article says (s)he was, then I would assume that would be why the menses stopped. But I don’t see why the menses wouldn’t continue in later in her/his life.

Pgs. 251, 254, 255 256.

I noticed that Tome and Mikas had similar upbringings, and had similar stories, but I was struck at the huge personality differences. Mikas was violent and unfriendly, and hated women; while Tome was nice, welcoming, and seemed to like everyone. The biggest difference I saw was in their attitudes towards women. Mikas hated them, while Tome seemed to love them as much as men. Perhaps this is because Mikas was raised completely as a boy, while Tome chose to change genders as a nine year old. Something that I noticed that they had in common was that they changed their voices to reflect their new gender, i.e. male.


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