Monday, May 01, 2006

copy cat of MAXIM article

i found this article in Maxim magazine and it was so ridiculous that i had to copy cat it here.

you should read the original first, my post will make much more sense if you read the original.

How to: Cure a Straight Man
Turn an Unkempt, Unhygeinic Straight Man into the most Fabulous Shopping Partner.

1. Win him Over
Reel him in with your feminine charms, if he believes himself to be straight, then if necessary use sex to get him into your camp. show yourself to be warm and inviting, but keep some wicked witch in the background, we dont want him falling in love now do we?

2. Open his Eyes
He wont switch sides on his own, he'll need some encouragement. show him that homoeroticism is OK by making out with one of your girlfriends and tell him you think it would be hot if he did the same. careful here gals, hes very vulnerable here, so let him know that you still find him to be all man.

3. Treat him Right
Take him shopping with you and have him pick out his own outfits. give him positive responses, even if his taste is not up to your standards. let him know that its not OK to buy anything camaflouged. have him internallize some basic rules. while on your trip get him to rate male bodies with you. this will give you a basic idea of his male type.

4. Shift his Focus
If he is still hesitant at this point, get him into a situation where he must talk with other men. once he is in conversation craftily excuse yourself. If questioned later on why you left, claim that you didnt want to interrupt a possible future relationship. Make more and more lunch and shopping dates. once he realizes that he will get no more than friendship from you he will accept his new sexuality and you will have a brand new gay boyfriend!


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