Thursday, July 06, 2006


i am so bored at work, that i thought i would post blogs instead of bothering mika with my emails of EPIC length. it is fun to correspond with her, but i feel like im writing her WAAY much more than she necessarily has time to read and respond to.

today has been a day rife with mysteries. mystery one concerns a package that we apparently have to pick up from the post office. it is for me. which adds to the mystery. and its from Beijing. SOO mysterious!

mystery 2 has to do with pizzas that were delivered to the office. $100 worth of pizza to be more precise. which no one was willing to claim, pick up, or pay for. by pizza-ing?

i guess i should talk about the 4th, which just happend a few days ago.

so janis and i went down to Williamsburg to see mika for the 4th. it was quite a long drive, and my butt was definitly getting tired by the end of the drive. it was also deathly hot, and mikas house does not have central air, though her room had a window unit. so we spent some time in her room, playing with Eric's hamster Nestor, and watching pete and pete. we had lunch at this really cool indian place with a cheapo buffett, and then played around in big lots, the after college meca. we planned on going to see "an inconvienient truth" but when we got to the theater, it was sold out, so we wandered around CW until we were too hot to move, so we went into the bookstore and drank iced coffees and talked until we were actually cold from the AC.

post pete and pete we went into the HOTASBALLS living room and watched part of the Project Runway marathon on Bravo. before we could see the very end though, it was time to depart for the fireworks, which we actually found a perfect spot to view them. we had originally faced a different direction, but once the fireworks started it was not at all difficult to turn towards them. ive always had a thing about fireworks. its not the noise that bothers me, its the fact that fire is falling from the sky, most likely onto your personal head. so, i was quite happy with our spot. close enough to get the full effects of the fireworks, far enough away to avoid flaming death. the one downside was that there was this woman behind us who insisted on assigning each firework to a pie flavor based on said firework's color. completely annoying, but thats the risk you run in america. there are always going to be annoying tourists around. accept, and move on.

post fireworks, janis and i needed to skedaddle, because i had work in the morning after the 3 hour drive home. but get home we did, and into bed.

the next day i neglected to look at a calendar, so i was unprepared for the visit from aunt flo, and her husband mr. cramp. there was quite an advendture to come up with absorbant materials, but luckily my mom came through, and i did not have to suffer the embarrasment of asking a co-worker.

today has been pretty slow, other than the mysteries, both of which have been solved by now, thanks to the hard work of the Sparta Gumshoes.

i have to get back to pretending to work now. there isnt much for me to do, because i did all that i have been asked to so quickly that my bosses are having trouble coming up with things to keep me occupied. well, back to pretending to work. ill probably leave another post tomorrow.


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